Sonoff ZBR3 adding devices

Set up my ZHA integration with various devices in 2 nearby buildings. To extend range I used ZBR3 which I can make working as repeater (signal extender). All attempts to add devices to ZBR3 directly have failed (with Add devices via this device selection). So a ZB noob question- have I to create a cluster or something on ZBR3 or… :slight_smile:
Best, JR

You should be able to join via a ZBR3 without to many issues. I have four of them and they work ok as routers but I have had some issues with them going offline occasionally.

Thanks for a reply :slight_smile:
I am using Tasmotized ZbBridge with HA ZHA integration. As my ZBR3-s work as repeaters (I guess) no dropouts in 2 months (noob to zigbee). Wondering if there is a device limit here before purchasing more Zigbee devices? Is it limited by ZbBridge or all managed by ZHA with zigbee.db database (as I understood Tasmotized ZbBridge acts as bridge from Zigbee to WiFi and HA ZHA integration)?
I can add devices at remote location but not via ZBR3 settings but with general ZHA device settings.
Best, JR

Made a small test network (good that I ordered 2 ZbBridges and Tasmotized them :slight_smile: )
Here is the result but not sure how to interpret it:

No info on colors yet (it is ZigZag component) and no idea if Basics act as routers :frowning:
Best, JR
Edit: colors are sorted out but they are false due to zha_map reporting to ZigZag via neighbour files…
Issue filed on GitHub

From you picture they are both operating as routers.

Here is one of mine. This is actually in the middle of my house and is within a couple of metres of at least eight other routers who show lots of green links and yet it has very few green links.