Sonoff Zigbee Bridge...Couldn't start EZSP

Trying to setup a zigbee network with the Sonoff ZbBridge as coordinator following this guide:

Everything seemed to go well. Flashed tasmota zbbridge.bin v9.2. Setup ZHA manual, radio type EZSP. the configuration is running and I have successfully configured an Aqara door sensor.

All seemed well until the door sensor response started to slow down and the zbbridge seemed to go to sleep for short periods. So checked the logs:

Couldn't start EZSP = Silicon Labs EmberZNet protocol: Elelabs, HUSBZB-1, Telegesis coordinator
1:38:02 PM – Zigbee Home Automation (ERROR) - message first occurred at 12:56:20 PM and shows up 34 times
Couldn't start application
1:38:02 PM – /usr/local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/zigpy/ (ERROR) - message first occurred at 12:56:20 PM and shows up 34 times
Config entry 'socket://' for zha integration not ready yet. Retrying in background
12:56:20 PM – (WARNING)

Checking the tasmota console everything seems normal. One thing I am not sure about is the power supply. It says the bridge needs 1 amp source. How specific does that have to be? Can it handle a 2amp source? I don’t know the amperage of the cable I am using but it seemed to work for the install.

Have you also applied ncp-uart-sw_6.7.8_115200.ota?

Yes. That was a step in the guide I followed. Considering the errors I am getting it’s a wonder that it works at all but my door sensor does work. It just seems unstable. Do you think the power supply could cause this?

Fixed itself! This hassOS is amazing. Just did a restart and all errors are gone and all working stable. The thing just fixes itself. Thanks for your help, Mark.

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