Sonoff ZigBee Bridge difficulty in opening

I just successfully Tasmotized my first Sonoff ZB Bridge.

However I wanted to share some information that I’ve not seen others mention and I wonder if Sonoff has changed its construction.
Most articles on flashing just say to take the 4 rubber feet off to reveal the screws, take those out and then the board drops out.
Err… not so simple in my case. I was unable to get any of the screws to loosen at all.
I resorted to drilling them out with a 5mm drill and hoping I would do no damage to the internals. (It was my first one so I wasn’t sure what lay underneath).
After drilling 4 holes and a lot of knife-work, I managed to get the case open. I could see that they had sealed the screws with some sort of glue. But I still couldn’t get the board free. I had to drill some more to clear the 4 holes and found the glue was holding the board to the case.
Luckily I did no damage and the board works fine now I’ve flashed it.
My case is a bit wrecked though and I’ll need to re-house the ZB Bridge.

Is this perhaps a new ploy by Sonoff to make customisation of their kit harder for us?