Sonoff Zigbee Bridge (Tasmota Flashed) - Trying to Control connected switch over MQTT

Hi All

I have a Sonoff Zigbee Bridge Flashed with Tasmota and have been happily adding devices like temp sensors and occupancy sensors. Recently i decided to purchase a Sonoff ZB mini which has also paired with the device.

My problem is this;
I can use the tasmota Web UI and type type into the console command ZbSend { "Device":"0x8243", "Send":{"Power":"off"} } which turns off the device.
the device reports the status in the console via MQTT correctly and switches off.

I just don’t know how to make an MQTT publish from Home Assistant to make the Sonoff bridge trigger such a command. My MQTT config in tasmota is as follows:

Any help would be appreciated.

Required flow is HA → MQTT Publish → Sonoff ZigbeeBridge → Sonoff Mini Switch

Solved after a bit more browsing:
Topic = cmnd/tasmota_zbridgeHall/ZbSend
Payload = {"Device":"0x1234","Send":{"Power":0}} or {"Device":"0x1234","Write":{"Power":0}}