Sonoff Zigbee Bridge (tasmota) & ZHA - How to add tasmota flashed Sonoff device?

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Until recently I’ve ben using HA & CC2531 USB & zigbee2mqtt & Mosquitto broker., to which I can add Sonof S26 smart plug by configuring the MQTT settings in the plugs web interface.

I’m trying to move to a clean install using the Zigbee Bridge (tasmota) with ZHA and this works well for my Ikeas devices, however I’m unsure how I can add my tasmota flashed Sonoff S26 smart plug to the network.

Within the S26 previously I had to configure the MQTT parameters to those of my mosquito broker, but I dont know what these parameters are for the ZHA solution. Any thoughts on what I’m dong wrong? Thanks

You can’t. The Sonoff S26 is a WIFI device, you will never be able to add it to ZHA. (Different protocol, Zigbee vs WIFI)

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There is also no need, you can connect tasmota wifi directly to HA using the tasmota integration

If you want to add tasmota device to HA configure the same MQTT broker on tasmota and home assistant and in console of tasmota type “SetOption19 1” and it should pop up in home assistant.

So i have a couple of sonoff basic R2’s which i flashed with tasmota and i’m running ZHA with a conbee 2 on my HA. I used Tasmoadmin like aceindy suggested but it looks like this only allows me to control, view and update my devices from the tasmoadmin webUI. Can i add them as proper devices so i can use them in automations etc?

The answer is written just above your post :

Maybe I am confused, I thought ZHA and MQTT were 2 different things? Where would I find the MQTT broker settings for ZHA? I’ve tried all the obvious hosts and ports with no success…

Or are you saying I need to run MQTT aswell?

For ZHA, you don’t need MQTT. For Sonoff Wifi devices (flashed with Tasmota), you do. If you run Home Assistant OS or Home Assistant Supervised, you can install the MQTT broker add-on.

How exactly have you added your Tasmota flashed Sonoff ZBBridge to Home Assistant?

When you write “ZHA”, do you mean “ZHA” as in? ->

Did you do this? ->

Very confusing when you are still talking about MQTT in the ZHA subforum as ZHA doesn’t use MQTT.

It might be confusing because ITead sells a lot of Sonoff branded devices that are WiFi based (which can run Tasmota firmware) and now also sell a few Sonoff branded devices that are Zigbee based.

ZHA and ZBBdrige only support Zigbee devices ->

Even more confusing because Tasmota on Sonoff ZBBridge can use itself add Zigbee devices without ZHA and act as an MQTT gateway for those, but then your Sonoff ZBBridge is not controlled by ZHA.

Do not mix up ZHA here with MQTT as in Zigbee2Tasmota ->

Yes they are totally different things that have really nothing to do with reach if you use ZHA.

You are now posting the the ZHA subforum, as in ->

ZHA is Home Assistant’s native Zigbee implementation that adds Zigbee devices directly by simply having a direct-attached Zigbee coordinator, so there is no third-party gateways or hubs involved.

You can use Sonoff ZBBridge with Home Assistant’s ZHA with by flashing it with Taslmota and using it as a serial bridge to simply allow ZHA to connect to the Zigbee coordination remotley as if it was local.

Same principle as ->

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