Sonoff zigbee door contact unavailable (snzb-04)

I have a few of these sensors and after 2 or 3 days of no activity they become unavailable. They still work when the door is opened and show as open or closed for another 3 days of so. Is there a setting I can change in z2m which might stop.this happening.

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I have a similar problem, although mine stay unavailable even after opening/closing; batteries are new
Did you ever solve it?

No never solved it, they still do it if the door is not opened for 36 hours. As soon as the door is opened they come back to life. Its just 2 of them the other 3 I have are fine.

I have the same issue with 2 of 10 sensors SNZB-04.

same issue :pensive:

yep i still have the same issue a year on gave up even thinking about sorting it. Just check the sensors once in a while and open and close the door.

Same problem; I do not know if I can rely on it for my automation (alarm).