Sonoff Zigbee Smart Plug S26R2ZB reports as light rather than switch

I recently bought 4 Sonoff Zigbee Smart Plugs (S26R2ZB). All four were successfully found and paired in ZHA. But, two reported as light entities and two as switch entities.
I can only assume some kind of firmware difference between the two pairs of devices. When I look at the Zigbee device signatures the two reporting as lights do have "device_type": "0x0100", and the two showing as switches have "device_type": "0x0009". So it seems like an issue with the Sonoff S26R2ZB units rather than ZHA.
I found the workaround here: Sonoff ZBMINI added via ZHA is incorrectly classified as a light , should be switch - #2 by kasper1 and this does fix the issue.
Just sharing in case others hit this with these Sonoff Smart Plugs in the future!


I would guess the two showing as switch entities have newer firmware. All of my S26R2ZBs show as lights and always have done, but they’re all a year or two old. It sounds like Sonoff have updated the firmware so they now report as switches.

Unfortunately whilst we now have Switch-X to convert switches to lights, as far as I’m aware there’s no GUI way to do it the other way round. It’s simple enough to change them using configuration.yaml if you need to though, you just need to add something like this:

      type: "switch"  

Specifying the unique ID (ieee) of your device.

I’ve got about 50 of them in my configuration!

You’'ll still see the light entity, but you’ll also have a switch entity. Just disable the light entity and use the switch

Yeah, that was the solution I found, and it works well.
Looking at the Zigbee signatures between the ones that report as switches vs those that report as lights, the only difference I can spot is that device_type string, everything else looks identical.
I couldn’t see any details of firmware versions being reported there. I don’t suppose there’s a way to update the firmware on these S26R2ZB’s , either OTA or more manually?

Sonoff/ITead told me that these devices do not support OTA, so customers are offered a refund or replacement if they come across firmware issues.

But to manually flash new firmware ito CC2652 based devices like these you need cJTAG (c/JTAG) compatible adapter like TI CC-DEVPACK-DEBUG adapter or Texas Instruments XDS110. See Flash Firmware using c/JTAG - Electrolama

However, Sonoff/ ITead informed me that it would not be releasing firmware images for these devices.

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I have quite a few of the S26R2ZB devices and find they drop off my Conbee II (ZHA) Zigbee network.
I’m hoping a firmware update may improve matters. Did you update the firmware of your S26R2ZB devices?

Thanks, John