Anyone using sonoff zigbee trv (TRVZB) ? I would need to buy about 10 pcs for my radiators and any feedback regarding integration in HA and operation would be very appreciate it !

Thank you !

Hi, no one is using this TRV ? Thank you !

I have had six of them running for about five months. I use Z2M and the integration seems solid enough with all options passed through to HA. I also run the Better Thermostat HACs which seems to work reasonably well too now but earlier versions were buggy. 1.5.0 beta 7 works for me, yet to try the full 1.5.0 release.

I also had an problem when updating the TRV firmware over Z2M. See post here: Sonoff TRVZB, zigbee2MQTT and BetterThermostat - #3 by danieljclark

Otherwise, they look nice, are cost effective and do the job. Battery life has been good, haven’t replaced any yet. Only major negative to me is the noise. I had seen a youtube review saying they were almost silent and mine certainly aren’t. About the same as an Aqara unit I have. Therefore I have to set a schedule to avoid adjustments in bedrooms at night to avoid waking people.

Hi @danieljclark

Tank you for feedback !
I also bought 10 pcs, only one installed, the rest will be when winter comes.
Mines are not that noisy, at least the one i insalled

I also paln tu use the Better Thermostat, but i need to clarify what are the real advantages ?