Sonoff Zigbee USB 3.0 Dongle Signal Strength

I’m working on rebuilding my Zigbee network now that I better understand how the mesh works.

My plan was to change out all wi-fi switches (non dimmers) to the Sonoff MINIZB’s so they’ll act as routers.

My coordinator is the Sonoff USB dongle.

I installed one of the Mini’s on the light switch in the server room (about 3 1/2 feet from the dongle itself) and it’s showing a very weak connection to the coordinator. I was hoping (obviously) for it to make a strong connection and pass that along to the range extenders. But, it’s not looking good.

The physical distance between the new mini and the two range extenders is about 20 feet horizontal to downstairs; 20 feet horizontal plus 12 feet vertical to upstairs.

All connected devices work fine; but I was hoping to see more green lines before moving forward with more mini’s.

Not sure if I need to get a better coordinator? Or, if there could be crosstalk between the zigbee security system weakening my signal (not sure how to address that if there is).

Any suggestions?

Is it a dongle-p or dongle-e? Different chipsets calculate LQI different.

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Not sure. Do you know how I could check that out?

The firmware is Firmware: Z-Stack 20210708

That is a P. But old firmware. My zbmini’s don’t show a big LQI either, but none have ever fallen off the network.

Yes, it’s a few years old.

How far apart did you place your minis without issues if you don’t mind me asking?