Sonoff Zigbee USB Dongle - can't pair any devices on a RP4

Hi! I recently bought a Sonoff Zigbee USB Dongle and some Aqara door/window and temperature sensors. I’ve read that they are supported and should work, and have also read some users confirming it works.

Sadly, I cannot get any device paired with the Dongle, neither in ZHA nor Zigbee2mqtt. I’ve flashed the Stick with the latest stable/development firmware (I tried both), but my devices cannot be paired (or show up when pairing) in Zigbee2mqtt or ZHA.

I’ve already bought a USB hub with external power supply, but that didn’t help. With the USB hub however, I was able to partly pair one sensor I tried, but it shows as “Manufacturer: Unsupported” in Zigbee2mqtt, and ZHA could never complete the interview.

I tried plugging in the Sonoff Dongle in my Windows PC, and running Zigbee2mqtt on it. On my PC I was able to pair the devices. I used the same configuration for Zigbee2mqtt on both my RP4 and my PC.

Thanks for your help!

Did you use an USB extension cable ? And plug it into an USB2 port ?

Finally! Thanks for your help, that did it. I had it plugged in via USB3. Crazy, how it makes such a huge difference…