Sonoff's via HACS not listing in devices

I’ve added Sonoff’s to my home assistant via the HACS method and they seem to work fine for turning on & off however they don’t populate in my Configuration / Devices tab.

I have 2 TP-Link KASA socket switches and they are added as devices and they are added to an “area” but none of the sonoff’s are listing as devices.

When i visit the Developer Tools / States tab and search for “sonoff” under states i get a populated list of the sonoff switches that have been added via the HACS method. If i click the little information icon to the left of the device name and then click the settings icon on the popup window on the top right it lets me give the device a friendly name and add it to an area. When i pick an area (example “Family Room” and save it doesn’t appear in the Configuration / Devices tab as being in the Family Room “Area” even after I reboot the host.

Can someone shed some light on what i am doing wrong here?

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