Sonos - able to see what's playing in the GUI, but no changes when I click play Pause - only volume works

I have activated “Control from other devices”, or whatever it’s called in English, but nothing happens. I use a fixed IP from my server and have autodiscovery deactivated (because of a bunch of stuff on the network I don’t want Hass to touch) , so I have defined the host in the configuration.yaml, but that shouldn’t matter, or should it? I can see the sources on it and everything, it just won’t change anything. But volume works for some reason.

Edit: Play/Pause from the service doesn’t work either. If it matters it’s an IKEA Symfonisk speaker, but they should work just like the regular Sonos.

I see that it’s about grouping in the logg, commands can only be sendt to a “controller”. But I only have one speaker, and I thought that would be the controller then.

I don’t think anyone tested the Sonos integration with IKEA speakers before so it is possible that it does not work.

They should be exactly like the Sonos One. And I have seen a few other asking the same question in the forum on searches, but the problem is that none of them has had an answer…

Fixed by upgrading the Pi to Buster and installing the latest version of Home Assistant (because the latest version didn’t like the Python version I had on my half year old Stretch install, and upgrading Python is a pain in the ass). So now Ikea Symfonisk control works!

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Yep new SYMFONISK works very good with HA.

But I have a problem getting URL’s to play directly, which would tie it into the rest of my system, which works like this: I select a button on an inhouse webpage or use an IR remot with number buttons. That sends a mesage to my main automation server VM and Girder, which then instructs Foobar 2000 on the media server to play the URL, for instance:

So I tried to call the service media_player.play_media with this info (trying it out in the service part of the Developer tools first):

  "entity_id": "media_player.stue",
  "media_content_id": "",
"media_content_type": "music"

But that doesn’t work. I know that Sonos supports aac, and I have been trying with as well, but it just doesn’t work. How can I do this?

I know that I can use the Sonos favourites, but I would like to tie it into the rest of the system with full automation on URL’s.

I found a workaround after looking at a lot of different stuff online. Took a few hours… But it actually works if you replace http in the URL with x-rincon-mp3radio like this:


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