Sonos Alarm Management

Hey everyone,

Sonos redesigned their app for iOS this week and with it they removed alarms from their app. I’m still able to manipulate alarms with service calls in HA but I was wondering if anyone had a better workflow for managing their Sonos alarms?

Fortunately I don’t use Sonos, but what I’ve read, the not working alarms seem to be a bug, not a disabled feature (like usual with Sonos). So they should come back some time in the future. :slight_smile:

Until they put the feature back in the iOS version of the app, you can use the Sonos Web app.

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For any Android users landing here - I was able to remove the updated Sonos App and re-install an older one from the APK Mirror site:

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Yeah, I was just playing around with the new app today and definitely find it way less easy to use than the previous version.

Way too much swiping around to get where you want and selecting music from different sources is pretty cumbersome.

I may have to look into reverting.

Thanks everyone! For now I’ve just been using service calls until their app is fixed.

Today an update was rolled out from Sonos. :slight_smile:

The alarm seems to be back and working, or at least that’s what Sonos says… :laughing: