Sonos - Attribute "source" missing for Pandora stations

I wanted to trigger some different automations depending on which Sonos source was selected. When a SiriusXM channel is playing, there is an available attribute of “source” under the media_player entity, which is exactly the information I need. But when a Pandora station is playing, the “source” attribute is no longer listed. Is this something than can be fixed?


Does anyone have any comment on this? Seems really strange that, when a Pandora station is playing, there is nothing in the attributes that would indicate it.

I’m on version 2021.6.2.

The good news is that the attribute “source” is now showing when I play a Pandora channel. The bad news is that now SiriusXM channels no longer show the attribute “source”. I wonder what is going on? I would really like to see the attribute “source” to be consistent across all sources.