Sonos discovery across subnets

Hi, does anyone know which ports to open up to allow Sonos discovery across subnets? My HA server is in a secure IoT vlan, the Sonos speakers are in the base network. If I unsecure the firewall and open up everything between the subnets, discovery works fine, as long as I specify the Sonos IP addresses in the config, as per the docs. But with the firewall in place it doesn’t work. I have tried opening up all the ports as per this Sonos support article: and also port 1400 which is mentioned in the integration docs but no go. I have a Ubiquiti UDM for a router. Cheers, Colin.


anything new on this?
Have the same issue. Android and PC App works fine, after I configured my unifi by this post:, but home-assistant cannot find any Sonos devices.
I can ping my devices from hass host via name and ip, but discovery wont work.

Thanks and have a nice one

Did you try setting up the configuration.yaml according to the doc? This is what I had to do and it works perfectly. Since you can reach your Sonos units from HASS via ping, I imagine this should be all you need:


While having the firewall ports open is important, the bigger piece of the puzzle is making sure that igmp_proxy is configured correctly on your UDM. My Sonos devices are all on my IoT VLAN and get discovered automatically by HA without having to define their IP addresses in any config.

This article is almost two old, but still applies. Pay close attention to setting up igmp_proxy correctly.

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