Sonos integration cannot find anything on the network (Traefik port problem?)

Hi everyone,

Have googled around and searched the forum but at a bit of a loss!

The problem I have is that the Sonos integration can’t find any devices on the network. My HA runs in docker behind a Traefik proxy. All other HA integrations work but the Sonos one doesn’t.

The Sonos integration used to work before I implemented Traefik. I can ping the Sonos sound-bar I’m trying to connect to from the HA container so I guess it’s a ports issue?

Any tips on fixing this would be most welcome.

Many thanks

Sonos devices are discovered using multicast (mDNS & SSDP) so you’ll need to run in host network mode if running in Docker.

You can instead hardcode an IP of one of the speakers using the legacy YAML config, but fixing multicast discovery is preferred.

The problem is that the integration does not install when it can’t find any devices. I have added the IP addresses of my sonos devices to configuration.yaml, but this doesn’t do anything.