Sonos integration. How to populate the "Source" drop-down list

Regarding the Sonos integration;
For a specific Sonos entity/speaker there is a source picker/list, see screenshot

Image 1.

Image 2.
Q1: That Source picker/list gets populated from what source?
Q2: Can i customize this list, and if how can I do that?

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It is taken from your Sonos favourites
There is no other way to set the source list

Hi @deluxestyle
Thanks for the information!
Btw, do you know if that list is updated from Sonos Favourites frequently?
'Cause it’s not updating for me…

For me it is updating as soon I change my favourites.
Not sure if this can be triggered manually.

Have restarted home assistant? Latest with such a restart it should update

On the latest HA release they should be updated immediately when any item is added or removed using the Sonos app.

I believe there is an upper limit to how many favorites Sonos can handle, but I don’t remember offhand how many that is.