SONOS Integration Issue after Core 2021.9.7

Hi team,
I have an issue with my legacy SONOS devices no longer being available after I upgrade from Core2021.9.7
My legacy devices are Play5 Series 1, Connect AMP and Zone Player (these devices only workwithin Sonos’ S1 environment).
What I’m seeing is these devices become ‘unavailable’. All other current (S2 compatible) components work no problem when i upgrade beyond .9.7…
Can capture logs while it’s broken, but I prefer to have it in a working state.

My environment:
O/S: 4.19.0-17-amd64
Version: core-2021.9.7 (stable) anything after this fails with old SONOS (S1 compatible only) devices.
Docker: true
O/S family: Linux

Anyone else seeing same issue?

Yes, having the same issue for about the same release (didn’t notice it right away)

I’m not crazy. :slight_smile:
There’s a fault being investigated, link here.
Maybe respond in that thread to let them know it’s more than me?

No. That was a message regarding the forum moderation request you posted. We looked into your request for moderation and found no action was requested and therefore no action was required.

Do not abuse the forum moderation flag to bring attention to your post. It is pointless, as forum moderation is completely separate to development.

If you want an issue investigated open a new issue here if one does not already exist:

Hi there, no intent to abuse moderator flags honestly.
This has simply been a mistake on my behalf, a problem switching between mobiles and muiltiple computers, got my threads mixed up.

I have a logged a support request, hence I asked for this thred to be removed…

@Glenn_Latomme I’ve requested assistance here:

Thanks @tom_l , I really appreciate the work you all put in. I’m a little thick and confused at times.