Sonos Integration Loudness toggle

This is a feature request to introduce control of the loudness function found in the EQ settings with bass and treble (which are already supported)

This is an addition to the Sonos integration as it apears in Sonos - Home Assistant

This should enable the use of some simple automation to switch loudness on and off at specific volume thresholds. Given that the bass and treble adjustments are already supported I can’t believe this can be more than a couple of lines of code, but I can’t for the life of my find out where this might need to be added.


Done: Add support for Sonos loudness switch by jjlawren · Pull Request #72572 · home-assistant/core · GitHub


I am not seeing that this new setting is available on my Sonos 5. Is there something I need to do to enable this new feature?

The feature just missed the 2022.6 cutoff. It will be included in 2022.7.0 which is scheduled for release on July 6th.

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