Sonos integration not working with "Move"?

Hi All

Can someone confirm that this is the case?
I just got the Sonos Move and no matter what I do I cant discover it in the Sonos integration?

I also tried to configure it manually:

#    advertise_addr:
##  Sonos Move
##  Sonos Kitchen
##  Sonos Aktivitetsrum
##  Sonos Thomas
##  Sonos Victoria


It may be relevant that the Move’s network connectivity is different to all other Sonos speakers? It operates in a more ‘standard’ Wi-Fi manner whereas all other Sonos speakers link together by the proprietary SonosNet - either wireless (meshed) or wired.

Did you get it sorted? I’m thinking of buying Sonos Move

The Move works just fine with the integration and even has specific feature support, like battery level and if the Move is charging on it’s provided stand.