Sonos local library integration

Hi all.
New to HA. I’m wondering whether it’s possible to play music from my Nas to my Sonos speakers via voice.
I tried with Synology audio station, and although it finds the music requested, it never actually plays.
I’m wondering where HA might be a better way to go.
Thanks in advance

Yes and no. You cannot select the music on your NAS that your Sonos speakers knows about directly from HA, but you can still manually do it.

In the Sonos app (might require the desktop app), you can add a SMB share to your Sonos system. Then you can use the app to play music from the SMB share onto the speakers. You can then go into HA while something is playing and get the content URL for it. Then you can generate your own content users to play stuff. But you will not be able to use the media browser in HA to browser the content Sonos has paired and you cannot mount a SMB/NFS share from a NAS in HA out fo the box.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Ok, so forgetting Sonos for now… If there a way to tell HA via voice to play music by a certain artist on my Nas? I note you say you can’t mount share etc… My music is on a Synology Nas… Is there a way to tell a music service running there to play a certain file to a speaker?? All without using the internet??
Thanks again

Not really. Not without extra effort. Click the link I posted above. It is for the feature request to let us mount NFS/SMB shares in HA to use for media. Vote for it if you want since it sounds like exactly what you want.

Does anybody know how to do this—get the content URL for something playing in HA?

I have successfully added a Media Library of music on my NAS into Sonos. However, I can’t figure out how to retrieve an individual song URL from the Media Library that I would like to send to Sonos through HA in order to play that song.