NAS mount on HASS OS

i would like to ask for Feature request to be able to mount NAS share.
I guess through systemd with some refresh if the NAS is available, remount automaticaly.

As for now i made a tutorial for a workaround which is not ideal as after update i need to do all the same steps again.

More detailed explanation click here:

Users needs it,proof:
4K+ views:


Temporary workaround:

Isn’t there an add-on that does this already?

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Hass OS was designed solely as a hypervisor for HA, not a full OS. How many people mount directly to the VMWare Hypervisor? I would guess, none.

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Not that i am aware of

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As per my link, 600 views and definetly not none. When you have hassos on ssd and you have a better alternative for DVR system/security you would want to mount a network share for that. I have it on Proxmox


My use case for voting for this FR is like UKRO, DVR. I’ve started playing with Frigate which in turn has me looking at Double Take and Deepstack. Having the ability to easily save the Frigate video and image files to a NAS at least for me would be beneficial.


I was using HA OS before I fased this issue and thanks to the community I found it’s not possible to solve by any easy means in HA OS so I had to switch to Supervised. I’ve documented my finds here:

Actually I need to update that article, because I had to switch from FUSE to SMB for performance purposes.

Anyway ff there would be an option to mount SMB share to HA OS I would love to go back.


omg you gave me idea to use fuse for automount of my solution xD thx man


eeh, okay, no problem, I’m glad I could help, just don’t use vmware tools shared folder… that’s why I wrote I need to update my article… it’s super slow! I’ve switched to SMB from host W10 to Debian (HA Supervised) and CPU usage dropped signifficantly and also speed increased :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll get to that in the evening…


Nah its fine not using vmware
using proxmox. For now i just use fstab entry for smb, but if i make fuse, it can automout on access,if it will work it would be awesome :slight_smile:


Huh? Fuse which I used is a filesystem. At least that’s how I understood it. I don’t understand, but I wish you luck in solving that issue :slight_smile:
I already updated my post with short tutorial how to mount a frigate folder to the media folder over SMB/CIFS.

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The thing is when you mount a folder and the nas become unavailable the mount is not reconnecting. When you have fuse and autoffs ypu can force with to always try and recconect. Will check your post if i can gather some ideas :slight_smile: thx

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So no need to restart HASS OS, i hope im right :slight_smile:

Adding 16K views from this topic :smiley:

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Use-cases for NAS mount (SMB/CIFS or NFS) on Home Assistant OS:

  • Having an external Media source. (After all, a local /media directory is not good enough for people running the OS on SD card on Raspberry Pi or Odroid.)
  • Having a way to store stuff from downloader. (e.g. Saving the videos captured by your Ring Door Bell, which is an example in the official HA documentation)
  • Having a proper location for NVR tools (Network Video Recorder), such as Frigate.
  • Having MariaDB, InfluxDB (or Graphite, or Prometheus) running inside HA OS, but storing the long-term data onto a NAS.
  • Having all these large files outside the HA snapshots (backups), which will help making the snapshots much smaller and faster. (see this issue in influxdb add-on)
  • Having fewer writes to the SD card can make it last longer, offloading the writes to a dedicated NAS system that is optimized for storage.

There are two main needs:

  • Mount stuff to be available to the Home Assistant Core instance (running inside HA OS).
  • Mount stuff to be available to Add-ons (also running inside HA OS).

There is also the problem with the credentials. Where should those be stored? I trust HA developers can figure out a good solution.

I hope this way I can make it easier to understand why users want this kind of feature.


Thank you for your comment, i pinned it on the top.

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Better still, make the backup directly to the mounted NAS share, rather than create it on the HA device. This would be especially helpful for anyone running HA off an SD card (as the beginner instructions recommend.) Writing backups to the SD card is setting users up for failure.

Obviously that would require this feature request to be implemented, first.


Is there any option to mount the network disk to ha now?

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Option 1 (recomended):

Option 2:

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Upvoting this. Use case is the same as the original OP - I use the Frigate add-on, and would like to be able to store my recordings on my NAS rather than eating up my primary SSD. I currently use @ukro solution, but manually updating the fstab files after each OS update is a pain the !"£$

The ability to keep mount points in /etc/fstab that persist across updates would allow people to keep network shares and secondary drives mounted easily for storage/backup purposes.