Sonos Local Media Access Denied Issue

Hi All,
I’ve been trying to get Sonos to play local media files, and I’ve narrowed it down to an Https issue, and wanted to see if anyone else has come up with a solution. HA is behind Nginx Proxy Manager using Let’s encrypt, in a docker if I use

media_contend_id:, sonos reports back as unable to play file access denied. resolves locally on my network, and if I paste that url in my browser the mp3 file plays without issue

If I use media_contend_id, sonos is able to play the file.

So if I route it through I can get it work, and I know I can just leave it like that but, I’m just trying to figure out why I’m getting an access denied when I route it through Nginx

As for http, it won’t work, Sonos always reports access denied.


Hi there ever get this sorted runnin ginto the same prob

Please post your automation