Sonos One: Activate/Deactivate microphone e.g via a switch provided by the integration

Hi there,

I’m thinking of using Google Assistant/Alexa with my Sonos One speaker. Since I am concerned about privacy I would like to turn the microphone on and off triggered by automations (e.g. only on, when I’m in the kitchen). By doing so it is at least not always listening :smiley:

One solution would be to use a Wifi plug to turn the whole Sonos on and off, but it would be smarter and faster to do it e.g. via a switch provided by the Sonos integration. The Sonos one has a button to turn on/off the microphone, so I am wondering whether it is possible to implement this feature in the HA integration.

I am quite sure it has been designed to be switched only by the physical button press, to prevent a remote activation of the microphone. :confused:

That might be true :thinking: Did somebody already came to that point?

There’s no way I’ve found to control the mic from the network, but there is a way to report if it’s enabled or not. This could be added as a binary_sensor in the future. Not sure if that would help your plan.

What a pity :frowning_face:

That would be a way to at least warn myself, when the microphone is on for too long.

Has there been a change regarding remote microphone activation/deactivation in the last two years ?

Not possible by design unfortunately. Having it tied to a hardware button prevents the microphone being activated remotely by an external party in any scenario.

Thanks for your reply. I guess that makes sense for ‘privacy’ reasons.