Sonos One not showing source nor proper state


I recently bought a Sonos One speaker but I have some issues with its integration with Home Assistant.
Very frequently, it does not show the source and its state is reported as ‘idle’, even when some music is playing, no matter the source (iTunes from my PC, radios launched from the SONOS app, or Google Play Music directly from the android app). In the SONOS app, there is no issue, the source is properly displayed.
When this happens, I can ping the speaker from Home Assistant, so there is no network connectivity issue. Strangely, I can also control the volume, and even change the source from HomeAssistant (let’s say, change the radio station). However, the state remains ‘idle’ and it does not show the new radio station.
In the log, I don’t see any error related to this integration.

Has anyone seen this issue before ? Any idea how to troubleshoot it ?

Thanks for your help!

Yes and it has been a source of intense frustration for me!

Does yours ever show the correct state because mine does about 95% of the time?
My problem seems to be when I use it for a TTS announcement and the announcement is less than about 10 seconds.

I did speak with the (ex)dev for the Sonos component and after much testing we came to the conclusion that I must have been hitting a bug somewhere because it should always show the correct state.

We never got to the bottom of it though and I live in hope that one day it will be resolved either accidentally or by design.

I’m not sure about your source issue though, I haven never noticed it to be a problem but then I rarely use HA to look at or control my Sonos.

Mine only show the correct state and source only about 50% of the time. It is very random, working one day, not the following one… Somehow, restarting Home Assistant sometimes fixes it.
My speaker is connected in WiFi, what about yours? Does ethernet connection helps in any way?

Edit: When the component works in HA, I noticed that the state and source is properly reported when music is cast from iTunes (Win10) or any content from the SONOS app. However, it does not work with Google Play Music (cast from the android app)

I think we might be experiencing different problems. My issue happens ‘randomly’, meaning restarting doesn’t solve the problem (or cause it).

Same here, sometimes I see state, sometimes not. I believe it gets worse over time since HA reboot. I have a WiFi connected Symfonisk.

I’ll omit my automation condition based on Sonos state from now on.