Sonos Pandora Station

I’d like to use Sonos in my “going to bed” script to start playing a relaxation radio station that is a Sonos favorite on Pandora. When I’m trying to setup the script in my config.yaml I can’t figure out how to find the ‘media_content_id’. I’ve seen in others’ examples of links that contained things like x-rincon// etc. but when I look at my ‘States’ page I see the friendly name of the song currently playing but no link like that. Where does one find a station’s link for setting a content_id?

Thanks for your help.

@ironlion27 were you successful in getting pandora stations through sonos?

You can trivially start them from HA by adding the Pandora station to your Sonos favorites. Then use the Source dropdown on the entity or use media_player.select_source with the name of the station to begin playback.

Thank you, this is helpful and appreciated.