Sonos playlists/favourites

Hi community,

Would love if there was an option in the Sonos component to be able to select a playlist or select something from Sonos favourites to play - even if just a dropdown list or something to choose from. I haven’t seen the other media player components as to what is possible within the base component.

I’m surprised not to see a feature request for it :slight_smile:

In the meantime someone builds native functionality, please see my config for a solution:

The base is this python script, which is run by cron:

It creates shell commands and select lists. The last bit is found in the automation folder.

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This only just became possible in the Sonos Python library. Said library will soon make it in to HASS. After that, I was thinking of looking in to adding favorites selection to the HASS GUI, but I haven’t even started looking for where to start. Suggestions welcome.

Can you give a bit more detail on what you’re doing here?

The principle is that the nodejs-app publishes the playlists in a URL in json-format. The python-script accesses that URL, parses the json and writes the lists as an input select for home assistant. The select list can then be put as a regular component in home assistant.

The automation script reacts when you select something in the list by running a shell command that starts the playlist through the nodejs-interface.

Has anyone had any luck getting this functionality working easily?

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Can you be more specific?

If you define favorites in the Sonos system, HASS will pick them up and let you choose them under the ... menu.

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