Sonos - Search capability


I am new to Home Assistant. I have been able to play around and get some integrations working. I am trying to have a mounted Dashboard that can be access in the centre of my home. I was able to get the Sonos card working with Spotify, but I can’t seem to be able to search. All my speakers show-up and I am able to select and modify the volume. I can view “Favorites” but I can’t access my other Spotify playlist or be able to search by artist or song. Does anyone have any advice to offer?

Hi Jobey,

Consider exploring the capabilities of Music Assistant.

Music Assistant is an advanced integration for Home Assistant that can greatly improve how you manage and play your music across different platforms, including Spotify. It’s designed to provide a richer music management and playback experience, integrating seamlessly with Home Assistant.

Hi Floo,

Thank you very much. I have tried to instal this without success. I will try again. Thank you,