Sonos starts playing directly when I select a mediastream

Hi all,

I am using the Sonos plugin and I noticed an issue with the mediaplayer integration. Not sure if it works as disigned but in my opinion it is not correct.

I would like to load a specific radio station to a specific Sonos Player in order to start playing later with the “Touch-Control Button” of the player. If I use the code below, the radio station is loaded correctly but the player also starts playing directly. I think, playing a stream should only start when sending the “playing” command. Can someone tell me if this is deliberate or do I have a mistake of thought?

service: media_player.select_source
  source: WDR 2 Ruhrgebiet
  device_id: blablabla


It’s been my experience that it’s deliberately designed to behave that way. It’s what I use to play Sonos Favorites.


the Sonos implementation in fhem is different and you can distinguish between "load " and “play” a media stream. But it´s ok! From my point of view it makes more sense to handle it in the “fhem” -way because it is more flexible.