Sonos Sub Volume Control

I see that recently the ability to toggle a Sonos Sub on and off was added to the Sonos integration. This feature has been a huge help for me. I’d like to request the ability to also control the sub volume. Sub volume is controlled independently in the Sonos app from the volume of the speakers it is associated with but that feature does not exist in Home Assistant.

This feature unfortunately doesn’t exist in the underlying library, either. I do not have a subwoofer myself, so I’d need some help in testing once I get some time to take a look unless someone else wants to take a stab at this first.

I’d be more than happy to help test. I’m not super technical when it comes to HA, but I’ll do what I can!!!

I have a sub and can also help with testing if required.

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Update: just waiting for Add support for subwoofer gain controls by jjlawren · Pull Request #909 · SoCo/SoCo · GitHub to get merged & released and then it should be simple to add this feature to HA. :+1:

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Subwoofer gain control will be in the 2022.4.0 release coming out in a few weeks: Add support for Sonos subwoofer gain controls by jjlawren · Pull Request #68334 · home-assistant/core · GitHub.

PS: If anyone runs dev or nightly HA builds, it would be great to confirm if things are working since I’m not able to test with an actual sub myself.

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I can confirm that it works as expected in the latest dev branch with my sub :+1:


Just upgraded to 2022.4 this morning and sub volume control is working nicely!!! Thank you for adding this feature.

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