Sony AVR support

It would be great if the sony receivers would also be supported. I know that if you go to a recent sony AVR’s IP (e.g. the DN860), you can change all the settings you’d like. Also, the pairing process is the same as the recent Bravia TV’s, so possibly that some of those components can be re-used?

Also, the receiver is automatically detected on in Home Assistant. However, the status it displays is only correct if you’re playing network media from the receiver. If you’re using one of the inputs, e.g. a connected source, it’s displayed as being turned off.

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I would really love this as well. My Bravia tv is fully supported. The only missing link in my household is the very capable Sony str dn850 network receiver. Please could someone implement this or help me getting started with implementing this?

I’ve got an STR-DN850 receiver as well and would love to see it integrated with hass. I’ve found a .Net project on GitHub that allows me to control my receiver, and someone describing the API calls on an iRule forum, but I don’t know how to port/integrate these as a component of hass.

Is anyone interested in creating a component for Sony ARV?

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I’d love that too. Please someone who has the knowledge make a component for us…
My harmony hub is doing the switch of audio inputs at the moment, but it keeps bugging out. It’s the only component I’m using at the moment which is bugging all the time. If a component would exist for the sony AVR then i could ditch my harmony hub completely!!!

Anyone?.. Is anyone able to do this. I’ve looked in to it but it seems to complex for me.

I agree but again its over my head

I too would be keen on this as well.

I wish I have more time. I’d love to learn how to put this together

I was surprised there was no Sony AVR component (after I brought one), would be great to learn how to do this.

Has anyone tried the SongPal support yet? I’ve not tested it you but I expect it will work to some degree.

The SongPal support only works for newer generation Sony devices. AVR’s like my STR-DN1050 are left in the dust by Sony.

I tried to build something for this, but don’t have the time to start writing hass components. However, some folks on the net have already built a Python module that I have stripped to work interactively on the commandline, so I could see what I would need to port to HASS.

This is the code you can run in Python to see it work:

It just needs to be wrapped within Netdisco and a HASS component, which should be relatively easy to do :wink:.

I have a STR-DA5600ES and I’d also love to see someone capable of making a component for it.

I also have the STR-DN1050 and would find direct HA support useful. Integration through the Logitech Harmony hub is working OK for now as an alternative.

Looking for a solution for the STR-DN1040 I use Video and TV side view on my Smart phone to control almost all the functions of the 1040 over IP so I know the commands are there I am just not smart enough to build this feature, would be great if somebody stepped up to do this

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Ok I am using a Sony AVR the STR-DN1040 I noticed that outside help is a bit lacking and with my very limited knowledge in homeassistant and making stuff work in it I have been blindly throwing stuff at trying to talk to my AVR through home assistant
I have partially succeeded in this, the component that at least acknowledges the AVR is DLNA DMR at this time I can only control the volume on it my goals is to use home assistant to

  1. control powering it on and off
  2. control Volume - this is working
  3. select device Input

the configuration I found to get the AVR to talk to home assistant is as below
the IP in the url is my local yours may vary you need to know your devices ip

     - platform: dlna_dmr

I am hoping somebody in the know could help out and getting at least the basic functions I listed to also work on the DN1040

thank you

P.S. to anybody that uses the DLNA_DMR if you try to use the text to speech feature it throw the AVR into the network input if you resend it will send the text to speech however until you go and switch the AVR back to what ever input it stays in network

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another tidbit I found out on the Sony AVR the STR-DN1040 using the DLNA_DMR is with the AVR in standby mode “not sure if there is a True off while plugged in” if I adjust the volume in home assistant it powers up from that input over the network, it would seem that getting this to work on home assistant is very possible and with somebody with a bit of knowledge on making components could very will be a nice feature, but do to the lack of enthusiasm I doubt it will happen and I will prolly have some ugly hack only doing a portion of what this unit can do

Trying to control the STR-DN1040 is a possibility, but maybe it’s simpler to use a Logitech Harmony HUB and define your activities there. It works very good with the STR-DN1040, and you don’t need all this. The only thing missing is controlling volume. That is, I probably can raise or lower it, but I don’t get feedback of the actual volumen set on the receiver. Are you interested in sharing your solution for this? Another nice one would be: select A, A+B, B speakers from an interface, but I don’t know if that is even possible remotely.

I did share what I rid I used the DLNA DMR component

You did, I thought you did a lot more than just adding media_player. This works indeed, thanks for the tip! I wasn’t familiar with the component :-).

I wish I could do more LOL still in the steep learning curve of home assistant basics stage