Sony Bravia Android TV

I just recently bought a 4K Sony Bravia Android TV and have configured HA with it.

When I set my TV using the braviatv component it asked for a pin as it should.
It also auto discovered google cast.
While I can see both player status (only on or off) and can also change the volume, I cant see anything else. I dont know what song is playing, which app is running or any other status.

Am I missing something here? Is the component not fully developed, or am I doing something wrong?
Anyone else having an Android Bravia can help me?

i have the below in my media_players.yaml file

  - platform: braviatv
    name: Lounge TV

it lets me change channels etc and the GUI shows whats playing. How did you set yours up?

  - platform: braviatv

It looks like the same as yours, but when the TV is on it always shows this as status:

I’d have to wait until Friday evening when I get back home to have a look at mine. I use the Lovelace mini-media-player now so it looks different to that anyway. Sorry I cant check any sooner for you

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That is how my Bravia TV looks like when turned on, showing the home screen or when I’m watching TV through an app like e.g. Netflix.
When you click on the 3-dots on the right, you should get a pop up like this:

Thank you for posting. This like mine, but mine doesnt show what I am watching. It only says “app” like the screenshot on my previous post.
Also, Somewhere on this forum I had noticed someone saying that he can even change apps on his Bravia… Cant find the post now, but I will link it if I do.

I see. In my screenshot it shows the channel (“ABC NEWS”) and program (“ABC NEWS Monday”) I was watching just now.
The “Source” selector contains all TV channels and the 4 HDMI ports, but I cannot select apps.

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App switching is what I’m trying to do with Sony TV, is it possible?

Did you follow what @exxamalte said and click on the three dots?

PS, the source tells you what is supported:


Yes, I did. But here is a screenshot anyway.

Also what “source” tells me what is supported? How did you find that?

You can have a look at my custom component.
I have a Sony Bravia without Android TV, but the component should support some more stuff also for Android TVs.

From what I remember, on my TV the source selection lets me choose between TV, HDMI1, HDMI2 etc. I also get TV channel selection.

@sparkydave Yea, the source includes all of these options. But that is not my problem. My main problem is to see the status of the tv. Right now it shows “APP” when the TV is on and nothing more. It doesnt show which app is running or if it is idle.
@gerard33 Thank you for this! I will check it (today probably) and will let you know how it goes!

@gerard33 Yes! This works! Somewhat. It only shows if the TV is on or off, I can change the volume and the source, but it doesnt show which app I am running. I dont have TV channels ( no antenna… really!) to test for the channel info, but I dont care (yea… no antenna). It would be nice if I can see the app running and info of that app if possible.

Also a suggestion: instead of no info (resumed after pause or app opened) you could just say idle to avoid all that long text. Just saying…

@INTEL I think I found a way to control the TV (app changing etc) I will come back after I have this figured. It is a long google way! :slight_smile:

Please do, I’m still trying to figure out the same thing myself :smiley:

OK, I am back with news. I have managed to control my Bravia through HA by using a custom script I found here:

The script sends codes to the TV through IP control.
So I collected all the commands and added them to shell_command component:

I then used Photoshop and created my very own virtual remote control (it looks a bit like the original TV remote)
I now have buttons in my frontend of HA that controls the TV

I then made use of the Lovelace picture-elements cards and images and I can now control my TV.

To be honest it is not very useful since it is just a remote. I can just grab my original remote and do the same, I know…
I found a topic on another forum where someone pointed out that we can get the status of the TV using similar commands. I couldnt figure out how since I am bad at this, unless someone guides me, but I thought I should post it here and maybe you guys can figure this out:
Somewhere in the middle of the OPs post, he mentions:

Then I switched the Low level protocol to control the device.
Way easier to control… All the codes are here :

He then says:

I still need to find a way to catch the replies from the tv and update my Vera accordingly.

And the last post replies with that:

You can catch the replies from the TV using tcp:receive.

I am not in position to understand how this can be done, but if some of you know, then this could become a great full operational component to control and get the status of a Bravia.
I may be mistaken here but it looks like if someone can figure out these commands, then we can change apps on the tv, and maybe also start actions like play a youtube video without the need of guiding through the menu using a series of commands.


I finially got home and can confirm that my Sony only reports ‘app’ to HA in the media_player if I have an app running, but it shows the actual TV channel if I am watching one in normal TV mode

Would like to share your remote images and front end Lovelace setup for the remote part :)? It looked awesome!

Hi would you please share with me how you have used shell_command component? I am new to HA so would like to know how to integrate my sony bravia tv.