Sort Anything With "Tags"

Hi, the idea is pretty simple, you can add anything to a “tag” and this tag you can create it to sort things, like the “security” tag, where everything related to security is, tag are completly custom by the user,

The user will be able:

  • Create and remove Tags
  • add and remove anything to tags (Sensor, entity, device, automation, script, scene, blueprint, entry, etc)
  • Search by Tags exemple : Need to modify a automation in the “Security” Tag just search : tag:security and all the things you added to the tag “security” will show up,

this kind of little addition can help a lot for system with a lot of custom entry, automation, scripts

Tags doesn’t add anything appart a easier searching system.

It’s like rooms but without any action, just for sorting

Hope you like the idea, and if it’s already possible sorry for this post and i would be happy to knows more about it :slight_smile:

There are several feature requests along these lines, with lots of votes…

You can sort of do this already by adding tags to the names of automations, scripts, helpers and the like. You have to create helpers, then go back and edit the name to include the tag, otherwise entity ids become very unwieldy. Works quite well as a stopgap, if you have the patience to keep it up.

What you can’t do is search for tags across different types of entity (automations and scripts, for example) - which would be nice.

You can use Manual Customization to add custom attributes to any entity.

Afterwards, you can use templating to select entities that have particular attributes with specific values. In its simplest form, if you added a custom tag attribute to your entities, you could select all entities whose tag attribute contains the word ‘Security’.

FWIW, I recall reading a post (a long time ago) where one of the members of the Core development team reported he was experimenting with the concept you are requesting (I believe the term was ‘label’ to avoid confusion with the existing Tags integration). However nothing was ever released so it appears that the project was abandoned.

PR still open:

Technically, a “work in progress” but no reported progress since initial posting on May 25th.

Meanwhile, its author (an employee of Nabu Casa) has gone on to make numerous other valuable contributions, such as the Event entity as well as the custom integration known as Spook. It implements many interesting and useful features that, due to design and/or architectural reasons, are unlikely to be included natively in Home Assistant. Perhaps Spook will eventually include ‘labels’.