Sort of a new one

I have seen issues with Zigbee Home Automation before

I am running HA 2023.3.1. and am trying to using a HUSBZB-1. In the past I got it working now not so lucky. Z-Wave works find. Zigbee through ZHA Integration gives me an unknown error and this in the log

Detected integration that called async_setup_platforms instead of awaiting async_forward_entry_setups; this will fail in version 2023.3. Please report issue to the
custom integration author for hacs using this method at custom_components/hacs/, line 171: hass.config_entries.async_setup_platforms(

I didn’t know ZHA was a “custom integration”. but I assume that is what its referring to??

for others who encounter this, I restored a HA 2023,2 snaps shot. and to reconfigure ZHA. found out (like said in the docs) its better to sue the long path to the dongle (the /dev/serial/by-id) and set as hardware flow control and I am back in business