Sound is finally working for RTSP Generic Cameras, thanks!

I noticed they suddenly have sound, i have Reolink PoE cameras. Thanks! I cant find it In the release notes but i thought it was worth mentioning because a lot of people (including me) have been waiting for this.

Nice! Any ideas what type of audio codec your camera has ? Do you have some custom settings ?

I have two xiaomi cameras with rtsp but no sound in home assistant stream…


I have no idea. If I recall correctly they did change something about codecs or something, I honestly don’t remember. When I open the RTSP stream in a program like VLC Media Player, there is always sound (but it has to be enabled in the Reolink web UI first).

I haven’t changed any settings recently, all I know is that one day I clicked on a camera in Home Assistant and I started hearing sound. Ever since it has been working flawlessly with all of my reolink cameras.