Source for BYD Atto 3 battery state of charge

Can anyone suggest a way to get Battery state of charge into Home Assistant from a BYD Atto 3 Electric vehicle.

Things I’ve considered:

  1. The HASS Android app running side loaded on the in car entertainment unit, doesn’t report any useful sensors.
  2. The beta Android app running with Android Auto reports the car name, fuel type, charging plug type, but battery stats and odo reading are “unknown”. I assume BYD hasn’t made those available to apps in Android Auto.
  3. I’ve not found any useful info on what is available from an ODBC 2 interface. Seems likely to be possible but I’d need another device to upload to home assistant.
  4. I may look to see if I can run a containered instance of Android with the BYD Android app installed and automate the scraping of data from the app. As each car only allows one connected instance of the app, this would stop me being able to also use the app.

Not hear with anything useful just that I second getting some Atto 3 data into HA. I also did option one but found everything less than useful. I was personally hoping for presence detection and a custom notification to pop, to open the garage door (like I have on my phone) but no luck.

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“2 The beta Android app” does let you set up a favourite entity. I’ve done this with my garage door opener, but you need to be running AA and then open Home assistant in there.

Cheers. That’s one of the two ways I’ve been doing it.

  1. Home assistant via AA but it’s a few clicks deep
  2. Created a Google assistant action shortcut that gets added to the apps list. So it simulates says ”hey google open garage door”

But the ultimate goal is a popup, trigger by GPS location.

Here’s hoping for some better integration as more Atto 3s rollout around the world.

Hi, looking for ways to get vehicle information for my BYD… so far no luck. Although I did implement an app that uses geofencing to detect when I’m near home and then displays a popup (Android Overlay) on the BYD screen to open my garage. It works, kind of buggy but it is most definitely possible.