Source the source IP address of auto-discovered devices

While auto-discovery is a great option, there are a few holes. I am currently looking at a NUT Server that shows up in discovery, but I am unable to locate it on my network. Is it out there, hiding somewhere? If so, how do I find out which of my 8 UPS units is actually reporting itself as a NUT server? And then, how do I find the login credentials? (I assume that once I know which machine it’s coming from, I can find the credentials from the software installed on that PC, but this could also be wrong.)

So, for the feature request: When a new device is discovered, display directly on the Integration card the IP address from which the discovery was made. Seems simple, I know, but it could go a long way.

Download Fing on your phone. It will scan and report all connected hosts.

Same issue reported here: Get IP address of discovered device (phantom NUT discovery)? - #3 by SDIY

Adding my +1 for this. Auto Discovery should always show the address or an alternative unique identifier of the discovered service.