Space Weather - Anyone Integrate This?

As I write this, there’s a geomagnetic storm going on. At my latitude, there’s an outside chance I may get to see Aurora if it’s not cloudy again tonight, and if the storm continues.

There are a number of “Space Weather” sites, including this one from NOAA. Lots of data available, in all kinds of formats. There are options to have a text or e-mail sent when the Kp index gets above a certain value, and graphics which show where Aurora are now or predicted. There are also some links to up-to-date JSON files which look like they could be useful.

Not only do they generate Aurora, but severe geomagnetic storms can disrupt communications and power transmission. Some users might want to know about that, too.

It would be great if some of this data could be integrated into HA. Has anyone every tried this?

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The HACS Ham Radio Propagation integration has this as one option. I don’t know if there are any others off-hand.

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I was interested in a space weather integration and found this thread and this integration:

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Thanks!! Not sure how I missed that, I was specifically searching for those words.

Just got this running and it looks great. Can’t wait for the next CME!