SpaceX sensors: Starman and next rocket launch


From my understanding you would need a sensor as trigger that triggers every second. Else you would never match the exact timestamp. For example I have a sensor that counts the hours I am alive and I update it with the entity But it is only updated once a day because thats when changes state.


Ah yeah its running in seconds, my bad.

Can we do less than ? Greater than ? so it wouldn’t need an exact second to trigger, just went it gets past that 10 minute window, it would then class as true, and then trigger on the next minute ?

value_template: "{{ (as_timestamp(now()) + 300) | timestamp_custom('%H:%M') < states.sensor.spacex_next_launch_time.state }}"


I opened a feature request fo a UNIX time sensor. Maybe you want to leave your upvote there so we can get this automation to work. See Unix time sensor


Vote left, fingers crossed we can get something sorted out :smiley:


It’s not pretty but I’m pretty sure this will work to trigger an automation ~10 minutes (+/- a few seconds) before launch:

{{ (as_timestamp( + ' ' + states.sensor.time.state) |int ) - ((states.sensor.spacex.state)| int) - 660 < 0}}

You need to have created the ‘time’ & ‘date’ sensors already in your config:

- platform: time_date
    - time
    - date
    - date_time
    - time_date

Those sensors update every minute but once it updates then the comparison will be true around the 10 minute mark.


That’s coming up a True when I paste it into the template editor at the moment,

Next launch isn’t until Feb 9th.



oops! Sorry about that.

I pasted the wrong one from my template editor that I was playing around with trying to work it out.

This should work better:

{{ (((states.sensor.spacex.state)| int) - as_timestamp( + ' ' + states.sensor.time.state) |int ) - 660 < 0 }}


No problems, its all good. I have updated the automation to see what happens, shame we have to wait a few weeks to find out, but thank you very much for helping out.