SPDIF Output on I2C Media Player

Hello i would like to achieve the following:

Use an ESP32-WROOM or ESP32-C3 as a media player (will be used over Home Assistant for streaming musinc)

Output of the ESP32 should be refirected to SPDIF ( I dont need optical toslink just RCA copper is enough in order to hook it up on my Pioneer amplifier)

This is my biggest struggle how can i output SPDIF compatible stream (PCM) to my amplifier.

On top of that since the amplifier has a 3.5 jack IR Input i would use the IR module of esphome where instead of hooking it up to an IR Led i will connect the 3.5 jack that will drive with IR commands my amplifier.

If this cannot be done with esphome can someone provide with code that i can compile myself ?

I had found this: amedes/esp_a2dp_sink_spdif: S/PDIF driver for ESP32 (github.com)

Bud dont know how i can use it through ESPHOME

Use esp32 squeezelite, it supports spdif. https://forums.slimdevices.com/forum/user-forums/3rd-party-hardware/109412-announce-squeezelite-esp32-dedicated-thread

You can then set up LMS plus Squeezebox (Logitech Media Server) - Home Assistant, or use SlimProto (Squeezebox players) - Home Assistant

Hello i am aware of Squeezelite but it only supports WROVER ESP32 and not typical WROOM modules. But thank you :smiley:

Well get one of those then.

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