Speaker Home Assistant

Hello to all. I’m a new user of this forum, and I’m interested in home automation.
Actually, I’ve in my house, a raspberry pi zero w with installed homebridge for control my samsung tv with siri and my logitech harmony. It’s run all without error.

Now I’m looking for an external speaker to put in my bathroom, and I should control it with Siri.
It’s possible with home assistant? It’s possible at the morning, in a certain time, to power on a speaker and start a music??? Or with Siri???
Actually I’ve no speaker, before buy one I want your help, if it’s possible.
Excuse my english, I hope someone want help me, to choose the correct speaker and help me to automate my house. Thank you in advance

Home assistant can use cast function to play music on Chromecast audio device using automation.

You can use HA to control audio to RasspberryPi

Wow, it’s looks like a great solution.
So, I can buy Chromecast audio device and connect home assistant with my homebridge.

Then I’m able to call siri and start my music on a speaker???
How I can automate a function? (Ex. at morning, play a spotify playlist).

Can anyone suggest me a speaker who have a function on WoL or can be turn on via smartphone, please???

You can buy a Chromecast Audio or a Google Home (mini, standard, maxi…) and cast music to it. Home-Assistant can start playing things on it at certain time using automation.

For spotify, there is a component in home-assistant:

Concerning Siri, I’m not sure that Siri can start thing on the Chromecast (would say probably not, since Apple is usually only compatible with there own hardware? and want you to buy an apple tv…).
If you start using Google Assistant on iPhone, you can then start playing on any Chromecast/Google Home, and your Samsung TV can be controlled by Home-Assistant I assume (even my 2011 Samsung TV was compatible).

For the WoL, it’s simpler to directly buy a sonos or a google home, you won’t need WoL, the speaker being always available and waking up when you want to play something.

I’ve found an homebridge plugin for chromecast, so probably it can do what I want…if you’ve some time to loss, can you watch this link for discover if it’s possible?

There’s no more speaker who wake up when i want to play something?
I can have the Beats Pill + speaker at a good price, what do you think of this?

Doesn’t look too promising… and it seems you can pause/restart but not start playing something.

My first problem is that where i’ll put my speaker i’ve no electric socket, so I’ll need to buy a rechargeable speaker.

Hello again, I’ve discovered this speaker (Sony SRS-XB21).
Here, Sony Songpal - Home Assistant I’ve seen that maybe this speaker is compatible with this add-on.

Please anyone can confirm this to me? It’s possible to wake up this speaker at a predetermined time to play, for example, a spotify playlist, via home assistant???

Thx to all.
P.s. Excuse my english.


it is posibel to conect a wierded spekar and cast on it?