Speaker recommendations

Are there any good local only (no google or Amazon) WiFi or Bluetooth speakers that work with ha? Also have the requirement that a receiver and tv not be needed as I don’t have either.

I’m thinking something like a HomePod, but I don’t see any way to integrate it.


What about Sonos?

HEOS is another option.

Ikea symfonisk - sonos speaker

I’ve seen others using these in HA. Will they work without access to the Internet?

I don’t need or want the smart functionality. Mostly want to stream tts or local mp3 files.

Yes it will play local music. TTS generally needs internet access unless you can generate it locally

My ha instance has internet access, but I don’t want any of these ‘smart’ things to. I’m pretty sure it’ll work if I recall how tts works.

I’ll definitely look into them. Thanks for the recommendation!