Specific devices in Homekit via Homebridge

I want to install the homebridge plugin, but the last time I did I’ve got all my devices and sensors in Homekit. Is it possible to just add some (I only need a few lights to quickly turn them on or off) from the homescreen on iOs.


You can hide or show in customize in HA, If via homebridge there is 2 option from config.json
“supported_types”: [“alarm_control_panel”, “automation”, “binary_sensor”, “climate”, “cover”, “device_tracker”, “fan”, “group”, “input_boolean”, “light”, “lock”, “media_player”, “remote”, “scene”, “script”, “sensor”, “switch”, “vacuum”], <== what you don’t want to be discover in homebridge
“default_visibility”: “visible”, <== hidden or visible

By HA in customize
friendly_name: Kitchen Aircon
icon: mdi:air-conditioner
homebridge_hidden: false <== true or false

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Thanks a lot!