Specific Voice command Google assistant

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Hi, i use IFTTT to say specific phrase command to Google Home and it send a command to hassio via Json.

How i can do that without IFTTT, i don’t want to pay for this service.


Create an input_boolean in HA, share it with Google Home, and then create a routine in Google Home to toggle the input_boolean and create automations based upon that.

Thanks a Lot, only thing is that i have to set routine for each account, but google doesn’t allow routine share between account.

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Yeah, I have the same limitation. Luckily, it’s only my wife and I, so it’s not that bad. Plus, going the input_boolean route, you only have to create the routine to turn on/off that specific device. You can then put all the logic in HA. So, for instance, I have a good night input_boolean shared with Google Home. My good night routine for both my wife and I (we each have a copy in our own accounts) simply turn on that input_boolean. All the rest of the logic sits in HA to turn off lights, lock doors, etc.

Unfortunately, there’s really no alternatives (yet) to IFTTT that are free and/or offer the same features.

[Edit] You might be able to use the Google Assistant Relay server (https://github.com/greghesp/assistant-relay), but I’m not sure you can do what you are trying to do with that either.

No problem, is only the migration process that require some time, but i can do that with no problem, i use script directly without problem instead of input_boolean

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Yeah, script would work just as well.

I dont really understand this input_boolean way, with this are you able to reach that to have custom questions or commands? I shared my devices with HA, I can say Activate “Scriptname” and it runs the script, but what if I want to say “Shut Up” and this should start the same script? Can I create a custom sentence like that to activate something?

LOL @ “Shut up”. Yeah, you can create custom routines in Google Home and give it a phrase (or multiple phrases) to activate the script on. You can also do this for any device connected to GH from HA. I do this same thing to turn off motion sensors. So, “Hey Google, turn off the [room name] motion sensor” flips a switch that disables motion sensing in whatever room I say. It all runs via a set of custom routines on Google Home.

Ohh I forgot routines you are totally right.

I created now a Script what is turning on my TV and start Browser and opens “kahoot.com” what is an online quiz site. I named that script.tvgame now I added this entity to GoogleHome and created a routine what is starting with script and gave a sentence: “Hey Google, Play Quiz” and its starting the Quiz game on my TV.

Looks good, Thanks.

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If you are using NodeRED then take a look at the “Nora” addon, I use it. I think it’s very, very good!

First of this would be very cool, however, i could not find a option to do this in the google home app. The only thing i could find is to add the Home Assistant cloud service… this is what you mean then?

Is this only possible if your an paying user?

You can do it manual too. Its explained here:

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got it working, thanks!