Specify default history view range

I really like how fast history and logbook are after upgrade :+1: ! I do not like though the default settings that are applied to views :frowning: Every time I check history I have to reconfigure view from calendar selector to see exactly what I want to see.
Would it be possible to have some sort of default view configuration parameters in history component to be added? Sort of:

  show: 24 h # number of hours to show
        2 d # number of days to show
  start: flex # start at exact number of hours/days back from now()
         day_start # start at midninght of first full inclusive day

So the old behaviour from pre 0.112 (show up to 24 hours from midnight) would be then configured as:

  show: 24 h
  start: day_start

and my preferred view (show last 48 hours) would be:

  show: 48 h
  start: flex

Obvioulsy just an idea, actual implementation could be done perhaps somehow smarter…

Also me are interested! :face_with_monocle: