Specify helpers in multiple yaml files

I would like to tidy up my helpers and keep them in multiple files in a “helpers” directory. I can’t seem to get this to work. So far I have:


input_boolean: !include_dir_merge_list helpers/


  - new_bool:
      name: new_bool1
      icon: mdi:car

Any idea what I need to do to make this work? I don’t quite understand the syntax

input_boolean:  <----- remove this line 
  - new_bool:
      name: new_bool1
      icon: mdi:car

No that doesn’t work

It’s because there’s another error. Remove the hyphen. Multiple input booleans are defined as a dictionary not a list.

      name: new_bool1
      icon: mdi:car
      name: new_bool2

It also means you will need to change the include directive.

input_boolean: !include_dir_merge_named helpers/


Splitting up the configuration - Advanced usage

Awesome that got it thanks!

You’re welcome!

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I like placing different type of entities for a single topic into a single package: Packages - Home Assistant

For example I need input_button, input_number, cover entities for my blinds, so they are all in one file. And then other packages can also have these kind of entities, same with going through configuration.yaml