Specify how many times lights should flash

Currently Home Assistant allows you to flash (blink) the lights with only two options.

  description: If the light should flash.
    - short
    - long

“Short” seems to only blink once which is extremely easy to miss, and “long” blinks 15 times which can be a bit excessive for certain automations. For the most part I’d like to have it somewhere inbetween.

So I think it’d be very useful if we had the ability to specify any numeric value here as well, for example: “flash: 5” or “flash: 50”. This would make the feature a lot more flexible.

One particular example would be a siren/alarm system automation where you might want the lights to flash red for an extended period of time, say 50-100 flashes. This would make writing these types of automations a lot easier to accomplish.