Speech in automation to turn on a light only while talking (Not ESPHome)


My setup
I have made a wyoming satilite, by following this: wyoming-satellite/docs/tutorial_2mic.md at master · rhasspy/wyoming-satellite · GitHub
and setup AI in docker follwoing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2HLiEDoVlw&t

Working great so far! (a little slow, but not terible)


Does anyone know how to automate when the text to speach is happening?
I have an input_bolean I want to switch on and off while the voice is speaking (so I can dim the music, and turn on an seperate set of LEDs)

Ive seen this:
https://youtu.be/99lGuB4J-4o?t=7863 which is how to do it on an esp satilite.

But I have not figured out how to do it in an automation to listen to the event say tts_start and tss_end from Assist Pipelines | Home Assistant Developer Docs (home-assistant.io)

thank you!