Speedtest.... How data do you use

So last week I added the speedtest component.
Then for once, I finally hit half my internet plans included data. Curious I dove a little deeper as to why…

In one week Hassbian was responsible for 7.2gb of upload (79%) and 44.7gb of download (19%)

Took me a while to figure out why HA was using so much upload, seems as I don’t have ports forwarded in my system to allow external connections, they can only be made via VPN, which in my case I dont do often.

The change in data also lines up to around when I added the speedtest component.

So how much data are other users getting?

And is it possible to limit the size of the upload and download files speedtest uses.

Also I’m set for hourly checks, Was keen to see backhaul speed drops in my area for Australia’s amazing NBN network.