Speedtest integration kills my router (sometimes)

I’m not sure where this post would belong, and it might not even be a home-assistant issue but I thought I’d start here. I’m running HA on a Pi4 and have speedtest setup to run daily. On occasion when speedtest runs, my router reboots itself. This happens once every 5 - 7 days. This of course forces the speedtest results to be 0.

I’m running a Ubiquiti Edge RouterX SFP. I can run speedtest from another device manually, anytime and this never occurs. It’s just from the HA instance. Also, my speed caps out from HA at 400 Mbps, but my internet is capable of 1 Gbps. When I run speedtest from another hard wired device that’s capable of more bandwidth than the Pi4, I see those speeds. So I don’t understand why this request would be overwhelming my router to the point of rebooting.

Any ideas on what to troubleshoot? Thanks!

Bandwidth isn’t actually a real-world metric, it’s made up so I wouldn’t focus on that. It could be that the PI is just sending a different packet rate/size/protocol than your other tests and that is overwhelming a resource like a queue or even CPU. Or it could be because the PI is a bottleneck you are getting a lot of retransmission. These issues would cause traffic to drop tripping a watchdog or triggering a bug. So I would start by looking at errors and drops on the WAN and PI ports.

As far as things to try. If you have watchdogs on the router try turning them off. I don’t see a way to adjust parameters like packet size on the plugin. So the next thing would be to update your router to see if you are hitting a bug.

Other than that I would just forget about using the plugin on the PI. The PI has a horrible network interface well below what your router and circuit can handle. And these tests need to be run in isolation under the same conditions each time to be accurate. Honestly it’s really not providing much real world info, that can be relied upon. When we do this in the corporate world with a carrier to try and prove things like an SLA breach or issues, we have to take the circuit offline to run the tests.

Read the first note at the bottom of the page:

You’re absolutely right. I just liked it as a general internet status, and the nice graph that comes with having those metrics. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware that’s why it caps out at 400 Mbps, the speed itself wasn’t really my concern, but if I noticed it dipped below 200 or something, then I’d wonder what was up with my connection.